The platform, its pages, modules and related functionalities belong exclusively to Banco BTG Pactual S.A. (“Bank”).

Acceptance to this agreement certifies the user’s awareness and agreement to the obligations and restrictions described in this document. Access to the platform and its contents should not occur, under any circumstances, if the user does not agree to the terms and conditions herein. Non-compliance of any kind may give rise to administrative and judicial sanctions, as provided by Brazilian law.

Obligations and Restrictions of Use:

I. The User is responsible for the veracity of the personal information registered for user access.

II. The User must access the portal through their individual login and password, according to the registration information provided. The password is for personal and non-transferable use only, and the User is responsible for protecting and keeping such information confidential, not authorized to pass such access on to third parties, under any circumstances, and are fully responsibility for their acts being subject to applicable penalties.

III. For all legal purposes, access to the Platform made after the successful authentication of the User will be interpreted as having been made by the User, being the User fully responsible for access and interactions made under their digital identity in this environment, including those derived from improper use or disclosure of digital identity to third parties (i.e. login and password). In the event of loss, theft, or suspicion of unauthorized third parties access by use of their digital identity, the User shall inform the Bank immediately.

IV. The content made available on the platform cannot, under any circumstances, be reproduced, unless there is express authorization to do so.

V. The platform has certain functionalities that allow Users to send or publish materials, texts and/or other content. In this sense, the User must not:

  1. share, transmit, post, provide, display or publish on the Platform any content that is the intellectual property of a third party, or that is protected by copyright, business confidentiality or any other form of third party rights protection;
  2. share, transmit, send, provide, display or publish in the Platform content that is inappropriate under the terms of Legislation;
  3. download any content offered in the Platform, unless this option is expressly allowed for by the Platform itself;
  4. reproduce, distribute, transmit, display, sell, license or commercially exploit any content.

VI. Manipulation/alteration to the platform is prohibited as well as behaviors described as not permitted by this Regulation. Any attempt to hack the system may lead to applicable criminal and/or civil sanctions.

VII. The eventual participation of the User in services offered by the platform will occur free of charge (without financial contributions), unless otherwise expressly stipulated.

VIII. The use, by the User, of any service offered by the Platform will not tie the User to the Institution, even if such use produces material results, results in the production of data for surveys, answers to questionnaires and other related activities and results.

IX. The User is prohibited from using BTG Pactual’s name and trademark for the development of any activity, related or not, to the content offered and accessed through the platform.

X. The User authorizes the Institution to use their personal data provided, obeying the privacy rules required by the Brazilian Legislation.

XI. The Bank reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Use  without prior notice to the User, and the User hereby accepts that this Term may be updated/revised. It is therefore recommended for the User to periodically verify the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Protection of Third Party Rights:

XII. The Bank does not have any interference with the content published/prepared by third parties, being only a distributor of such content. Thus, the reliance on the content provided by third parties is of the User’s own risk. Content considered to be in disagreement with BTG Pactual’s opinions and policies may be withdrawn without prior notice/authorization.

XIII. The property of the published material belongs to its author and will only be shared upon previous authorization. Without such authorization, the content will be kept private and will not be used for any purpose, unless expressly stated otherwise and agreed with the author or in the following exceptional situations:

  1. Eventual necessary technical support;
  2. Legal requirements and court order;
  3. Safety risk;
  4. Infringement or misappropriation to the rights of third parties;
  5. Content that may be relevant for the purposes of legal proceedings.

XIV. Content provided by third parties may be used for statistical studies. The external use of this information will not be allowed for the purpose of revealing details on the specifications/usage/functionalities of the related content.

  1. Contents published by users in public viewing environments must be approved by BTG Pactual and other users of the Portal, with full exemption of royalties and any eventual licenses for use/sharing/distribution/transmission and other similar effects, in accordance with the Bank’s internal rules and policies.

XVI. Feedbacks (criticisms, improvements suggestions and others) provided by users, or authors of materials published on the platform, may be considered for the purpose of enhancing the services and products offered by the platform without monetary or any other type of contribution. The right to use the feedback provided is unrestricted, considering it was made in writing, through electronic media or orally, either publicly or privately, unless otherwise commonly agreed and signed in writing.

XVII. All measures to ensure the privacy of information have been adopted and will be constantly monitored and the User is aware that any possible failures may occur given the tool’s technical vulnerability and exposure to computer viruses and other types of cyber security threats.

By agreeing, the User hereby adheres to this document by their own free will and fully agrees with the provisions herein, being committed to irrevocably respect the conditions provided and declares to not be under urgent coercion, state of necessity or other form of consent, acknowledging all rights and obligations assumed on this date.