An algorithm can be defined as a system of finite and objective rules, capable of processing data and performing actions at speeds that are not possible for humans.

Algo Trading is the investment strategy that uses algorithms to automate asset allocation decision processes. Emotions are taken from the equation, as the algorithm will perform exactly what the codified rules command.


WHAT IS stratsphera?


Our mission is to foster the development of algorithmic strategies in different markets, with a special focus on Brazil. Researchers, developers and finance professionals will find an environment easy to navigate and to share content.


Our Python-based simulation tool allows ideas to be encoded with agility and tested safely. The free Data Library compiles assets from different markets to enable more diverse strategies.

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Descriptive texts on themes that are relevant to strategic development. These texts are written by the stratsphera team, or by partner researchers, and are essential for those who are just beginning or who need to look back on certain concepts.

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Articles and academic papers for those who wish to deepen their knowledge on specific topics. Contents are selected with the support of our Scientific Committee. 

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A place where we share news and updates about the portal, comments from managers and researchers, interviews and other related articles.

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A place where community members can share ideas, ask questions and comment on topics being proposed in other content areas. In addition to the public forum, friends can group up and create private forums.


By using Python as the coding language, you can easily develop strategies within stratsphera through the browser. Our tool supports the maximum bar frequency of 1 minute and allows adjustments to trading parameters in order for simulations to be as realistic as possible.

We provide the following Data Library with a 1 minute resolution since 2007 (when available):

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Our goal is to provide a reliable and secure strategy development platform. The algorithms created in stratsphera are protected and only the user has access to the code.

Your intellectual property is guaranteed!

Use the community, make new friends and share your ideas on the forum to encourage new discussions. However, your algorithms will always be protected and you can choose to whom you will send them!