stratsphera is a portal dedicated to the development of investment algorithms in different markets, with a special focus on Brazil. On the portal, users will be able to create their own strategies using the various databases that are available, conducting researches and competing for prizes in competitions.

Our mission is to simplify access to all the steps involved in Algo Trading – from creating ideas to monetizing strategies.

What is Algo Trading?

An algorithm can be defined as a system of finite and objective rules, capable of processing data and performing actions at speeds that are not possible for humans.

Algo Trading is the investment strategy that uses algorithms to automate asset allocation decision processes. Emotions are taken from the equation, as the algorithm will perform exactly what the codified rules command.

Historic Background

stratsphera was founded by a BTG Pactual strategy team, who envisioned the platform through a project aimed at creating proprietary simulation tools. The idea of making this tool available to a community interested in Algo Trading, along with providing data libraries not explored by other portals, seemed like the natural way of going forward with the project. The portal aims to motivate new generations of Algo Traders and, to do so, we took advantage of our academic synergies to provide specific content to stratsphera.

stratsphera is sponsored by BTG Pactual, the institution that also funds the competitions.